We share the progress of our improvement works in the industrial plant

Building improvements planned for the year 2017 have started as part of the international expansion strategy.

This first stage covers the reconditioning of the main esplanade, opening of lateral internal streets and the construction of a border fence.

First steps towards the export business

After Partiluz reached the manufacturing of 500 MVA for Renewables at a local level, the firm is able to take the first steady step in the export of transformers for a solar farm located in the Northeast of Brazil. The export consists of 7 units of 4639kVA transformers for Siemens and means a significant milestone in the history of the company as well as to the national industry.

Moreover, this event is framed aligned within the strategical plan of the organization, which aims at positioning the company as preferential supplier of solutions in electrical energy transformation for Renewable Energy in the region.

Strategic alliance with CIEA

CIEA and PARTILUZ have become partners under the name CIEA INGENIERIA Y SERVICIOS in order to broad the range of offered services and boost customer care.

CIEA is a dynamic Uruguayan company, highly interested in research, challenges and innovation. Our team is made up by skilled professionals who provide comprehensive solutions in the different areas related to the preparation of engineering projects in the electrical area and regarding energy generation.

PARTILUZ is a company that specializes in the development, production and after-sales service of power and distribution transformers in order to contribute to the development of sustainable energy policies in favor of the social benefits generated by these.

This new undertaking arising from the partnership between CIEA and PARTILUZ started its operations on January 1st, 2018, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients in all aspects related to the electrical market, including the following value proposal:

· Projects

· Measurements

· Test

· Assembly and start-up

· Diagnosis

· Engineering and Audits

· Maintenance

Particularly in our Maintenance proposal, we developed all available preventive and predictive maintenance practices that allow the efficient exploitation of your premises and to extend the useful life thereof.


Strategic alliance with Los Conce

In the path to continue our international development we have entered into an agreement with LOS CONCE SA, Argentina, for the development of products addressed at the Argentinian market.
In the year 2009 LOS CONCE opened their current industrial plant, with a total surface of 20,000m2, located in the Municipality of Esteban Echeverría, Province of Buenos Aires, specializing in the manufacturing and repair of electric reactors and transformers.
The alliance enables us to start our development in this market, with a partner that finds in Partiluz the manufacturing of transformers for Renewable Energy with greatest experience in the region and more than 600MW of in-service devices.
Products destined to the Argentinian market integrate the engineering and expertise of Partiluz with the productive capacity of LOS CONCE, guaranteeing a reliable, efficient and competitive product with an installation, after-sales and maintenance service endorsed by the vast experience of both companies.
Fuente: http://www.losconce.com.ar/renovables.html

Strategic alliance with Trafo Energy

In support of PARTILUZ strategy to consolidate in Latin America as power and distribution transformer supplier, we have developed a strategic alliance with TRAFO ENERGY SA in Chile. TRAFO ENERGY is established in Chile as a result of the merger of two companies with vast experience in the transformer business for more than 40 years. It currently works with a large number of companies in different businesses in the areas of diagnosis, repair and maintenance of transformers mainly.
This partnership is focused on the exclusive production of transformers for wind farms and photovoltaic power stations, Pad Mounted and integral filling like.
Products destined to the Chilean market integrate the engineering and the expertise of PARTILUZ and the resources of TRAFO ENERGY SA, guaranteeing a reliable, efficient and competitive product at an international level, with an installation, after-sales and maintenance service endorsed by the vast experience of both companies.
Fuente: http://www.trafoenergy.cl/energias-renovables/

We expanded our lifting capacity!

In the last days the following assemblies were performed in our industrial plant:
2 New bridge cranes of 12 and 5 tons
1 Rotating boom of 2 tons
This work implied a huge effort for PARTILUZ due to the dimensions of the equipment to be installed and associated risks and was completed successfully, and is currently operating.

The increase in our capacity for moving loads allows to lift transformers of up to 20 tons and it constituted one of the aims we had for this first quarter of the year as part of the development we have focused on.
We thank our team of Collaborators, WS CRANES INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA and SALOMON GRÚAS for the performed work.

First project together with our allies in Argentina, “Los Conce” Transformers

It consists on the supply of 24 transformers of 2200 kVA 33/0.6 kV for two solar farms belonging to projects of Saujil and Tinogasta Solar.

Partiluz provides the design and the engineering of the product and manufactures the coil to provide the kits of the active part.
In Los Conce´s plant the kits are assembled with the cores and dried to be cribbed under vacuum with oil, in the local manufacturing tubs. Final tests are also made in the high-voltage laboratory of Los Conce.
Deliveries were arranged on a partial basis and the first shipping of kits is expected to be on May 18th, 2018.

This is the first work experience together with Los Conce, in which knowledge was shared through joint training sessions of both companies.
This project is framed within our strategy to work with local partners in the region to boost the growth of PARTILUZ at an international level, capitalizing the experience we already have in renewable energy with more than 500 MVA delivered in Uruguay.